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Connelly Roofing can handle all of your residential and commercial roofing needs no matter the size. We offer free estimates and we treat each customer with respect and ensure the work on your roof is done with quality materials and products. Count on us to be there when you need us.

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Do I need a New Roof?

1.  Missing Roof Shingles – Shingles that have been blown off or become dislodged indicated that the roofing shingles have lost tinsle strength and the sealant is no longer bonding them together which makes them very susceptible to damage from wind.  Occasionally, individual shingles can be replaced pending on how brittle the shingles have become with age.  Generally, missing roofing shingles means that the shingles are in greatly deteriorated condition and the end of the road is near.

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Roof Types

2. Are you green? For some homeowners, using a natural product is an important consideration. That puts roofing materials like slate and wood into the forefront of the discussion. That approach also raises the possibility of a green roof. As a roof style, green roofs remain more popular in other parts of the world than the United States. However, more and more homes and businesses are turning to systems involving layers of roof protection and actual soil and grass, plants or even trees.

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New Metal Roof

3. There are three types of metal roof available, and each has its own installation method and design pattern.
•Corrugated Metal Roof – This system uses flat panels of corrugated metal. Although this is not a system that traditionally appears in residential areas, innovations have led to the production of panels that have greater eye appeal and are suited to urban building codes. Traditionally, the panels are made of galvanized steel, but other metals are coming into favor.

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Roof Repair

4. The roof is one of the primary elements of a building. It protects our belongings and us. It protects us from extreme weather conditions offering peaceful and comfortable living. If you can afford to spend thousands of dollars on decorating the interiors of your house, furnishing it with the latest furniture and spending a few hundred dollars on maintaining it, then you should not wait for the roof to become so badly damaged that it has a bad leak. It is always a wise decision to …

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