Torch Down

Torchdown is a reberoid (rubberized) membrane that is modified with an APP weatherized asphalt for water proofing. The material is strong, very durable and has a non-woven polyester mat. Torchdown is light weight at less than 2 pounds per square foot. Torchdown membrane comes in smooth and granulated sheets. The granulated cap sheets come in many colors, some of which are energy star rated and qualify for the Federal tax credit. Torchdown can be used to re-roof (tear off the existing roof and install a new system) or recover (install a ply of torchdown over an existing roof). Applying the second ply of granulated cap sheet can give you a more aesthetic finish to your roof. The cool colors also reflect the suns solar rays keeping your structure cooler and saving you money on costly energy bills.

As torchdown is a rubberized material it allows for excellent expansion and contraction in the extreme heat and cold a roof can endure. It also adheres very well to metal roof flashings and as they expand and contract the torchdown is in melody with the movement. This flexibility keeps it from cracking and makes it a very effective low slope or flat roofing material.

Torchdown is considered a low slope or flat roofing system application. Low slope roofs are qualified by having a roof pitch of less than 4:12 or 4” of rise per foot. It is not recommended by the NRCA or roofing manufacturers to install asphalt shingles on roofs with a pitch less than 4:12. Torchdown is most commonly seen on commercial roofs, but is also very popular and appropriate for low slope residential applications.